Moving on to a new story

So it’s been a while.  A long while.  Largely because this blog was about telling the story of my traveling and my move overseas, and I’m very settled back in Perth, Australia now.  I have a mortgage and a dog to prove it!  I still do the occasional jaunt – I went to Bali last … Continue reading

Hiding from the shadows

I hide my pain.  You can’t see it when you look at me. If you checked my eyes closely enough, you might see how dead they are behind the sparkle of forced gaiety. If you checked the soles of my feet within soft buttery leather, you’d see peeling skin, red-raw and painful.  An escape and … Continue reading

The consolation prize

The consolation prize is nice to have.  It’s comforting and acknowledging.  Usually a gentle reminder of nearly rememberable adequacy, a moment of not-quite. It doesn’t have the shine of a trophy; it never glitters in the sunlight and lacks the gleam of expense.  It never feels like the softest silk of a blue ribbon.  It … Continue reading

I used to be a people person

I used to be a people person.  I used to love interacting with people and understanding their way of thinking and what and why they thought what they think.  However, I scroll through my facebook feed this morning, compounded with some situations that are going on in real life have made me question whether I … Continue reading

Word portrait

She sits alone. The milky light of the overcast afternoon seeps through the gaps in the blinds, lighting the dust motes as they swirl through the air.  On the coffee table sits a half-empty wine glass, granules of tannin gathering in the bowl as the tell-tale empty bottle sits with its label half-peeled off:  an … Continue reading

What the actual F***?

Today I learned of a sad passing.  A person of great influence in my generation, Robin Williams, passed today.  He passed due to an illness that something like 45% of Australians will experience in their lifetime (Beyond Blue, 2014).  He suicided…  A man with unthinkable success and probable fortune couldn’t keep the black dog at … Continue reading

Where are we meant to vent?

I love teaching.  I love watching my kids change over the course of a year.  I love nurturing their minds and hearts.  I love witnessing the little kindnesses that grow out of the seedlings of compassion that have been planted over time.  I love hearing them use a word that I’ve taught them in a … Continue reading

Why I think I’ll be a dog lady for life

Venting post.  Just need to get it all out.   You sit across the room, a friend I thought I knew.  We shared wine and chats and cheese while puppies played in the summer breeze.  Then something changed; a whisper, a glance at another.  A joke between children crushed beneath your foot where before it … Continue reading

Thinking about coming out…

I’m thinking about coming out at my work place. There’s a few things holding me back.  There’s one other guy in my department who – despite being an amazing teacher – is never going to be promoted because he has come out.  People constantly see him as nothing more than what he’s come out as. … Continue reading

I remembered!

Reconnecting was what I wanted to talk about. In the wake of my now dead relationship, and trying to build the relationships I had before I went travelling, I have gotten in to the spirit of reconnecting.  It may or may not also have something to do with my impending 30th birthday….! But I feel … Continue reading