Thinking about coming out…

I’m thinking about coming out at my work place.

There’s a few things holding me back.  There’s one other guy in my department who – despite being an amazing teacher – is never going to be promoted because he has come out.  People constantly see him as nothing more than what he’s come out as.

A man with diagnosed anxiety and depression.

There’s a certain stigma at my place of work about mental health – “people who have mental health issues shouldn’t teach here” is the general rule of thumb.  You’ll never cope with the stress, the heart break, the distance from loved ones.  As much as I wish that all the propaganda about mental health being accepted was true, it’s just not.  And it probably never will be.  I know that as soon as I come out as a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, I will be relegated to the realms of “fragile” and “unreliable” and “inconsistent”; despite proving myself to be otherwise over the previous year.

However, I’m going through some stuff at the moment and I really need to take time out to drive down and see my doctor more regularly.  All I need is one day a month, but I feel like asking for that is too much.

And I’m worried that if I come out now, just weeks before my registration probation period ends, I wont get passed.  Timing is everything – if I don’t pass this, I’m screwed.

4 thoughts on “Thinking about coming out…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. As a friend to several homosexuals I know what your going through and the best thing I had to tell one of my friends was if you don’t do it now then when will you? And since this is something is important to you it is going to have to be important to the people around you and in your life whether or not they are going to approve it (sorry for being harsh). Because it is your life this is your life and you want to experience freedom like everyone else and you have a right to do so.
    Please take time to take care of yourself first and get through the things you need to in order to get yourself in a stable state of mind to grow through with this.
    Also thank you for talking about stigma in this post it means a lot to me because I want to remove stigma associated with mental health in society and it starts with us. Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks – I definitely want to break the stigma surrounding mental health, but even writing it here now, after finding so many teachers also reading my blog, was really hard to do. But, I guess if we keep pushing for it, the day will come when a person wont even have to think about whether they share their mental illness; it’ll just be something that is, like “Oh I’m left-handed”.
      Thanks for the support 🙂

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