Why I think I’ll be a dog lady for life

Venting post.  Just need to get it all out.


You sit across the room, a friend I thought I knew.  We shared wine and chats and cheese while puppies played in the summer breeze.  Then something changed; a whisper, a glance at another.  A joke between children crushed beneath your foot where before it would have been shared and laughed over.

I followed your advice, and you punished me for it. I never wanted to be anything more than what I was, but you told me I should be bigger, more hungry.  So I took that feedback, and started to chase.  But at every turn, I was stopped.  Held back.  And now my frustration shows, you eye me critically and give me coldness.  An idea I pitch is dismissed until someone else suggests it, then it is run with.

I’m so hurt but every time I try to bring it up I’m told there’s nothing there.

I miss my friend.


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