What the actual F***?

Today I learned of a sad passing.  A person of great influence in my generation, Robin Williams, passed today.  He passed due to an illness that something like 45% of Australians will experience in their lifetime (Beyond Blue, 2014).  He suicided…  A man with unthinkable success and probable fortune couldn’t keep the black dog at bay, and then black dog won.

It’s horrible.  At a time when I’m struggling with my own demons, I can more than empathise.  It’s so hard and I’m glad that in a horrible way, he found his peace.  I’m also glad that people are sitting up and paying attention.

But God I’m mad at the same time.

My facebook feed is filled with memes about depression.  Depression is a sign of strength, donate here, talk it out today…  What annoys me is that it takes a famous person to die to say that.  What about every other day when people are dying due to this disease?  I find it so patronising.   At the moment I am fighting for my job, fighting for my reputation as a professional because of my disease, and no one bats an eyelid.  I can count on one hand those who are supporting me through this.  but a celeb dies and everyone is supporting him and his memory?

It’s fucking insulting.

If you think it’s a real concern, a real cause, support it year-round.  Don’t jump on the bandwagon because Mrs Doubtfire died.

For the record, I am sad that Robin Williams has passed.  He truly was a great talent – a man worthy of every laugh he inspired.  He was also probably a great father, husband, lover, son, brother.  May he rest in peace, and his memory live on.

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