Moving on to a new story

So it’s been a while.  A long while.  Largely because this blog was about telling the story of my traveling and my move overseas, and I’m very settled back in Perth, Australia now.  I have a mortgage and a dog to prove it!  I still do the occasional jaunt – I went to Bali last year, and New Zealand this year, and a couple of short jaunts back to the city while I was living in the Goldfields and the very occasional trip over east.  But it’s not the main thing in my life now.  I am.

Well, my autistic dog (yes, it happens.  She takes a human dose of prozac and everything to help with the associated anxiety and fear-based aggression!) Bella is probably the main thing, but I come a hair’s breadth second!!

I’m starting on a new journey – I’ve had some health issues for a while now, and I decided to fix them.  It’s been a long road, and it’s still a pretty long way to go before the end is even in sight. So, I’m starting a new blog to document the beginning and the journey.  Hopefully the end will be sooner than I think, but it’s going to be a long year at the very least.

I’ll still keep this, mostly just for my bucket lists.  It’s hard to blog about teaching in Australia… we’re so tightly bound by our contracts, and the world of social media and internet security just isn’t a safe place to air your frustrations.  Hell it’s not even really a place to share your wins.  And writing is just a distant dream now, so the original purposes for this blog seem to be long gone.

If you’re interested, I’ll be posting here:

See ya round – and thanks for coming along for the trips.

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