Reconnection and Reflection

It’s been a pretty long few months, with a lot of changes for me.  I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to write.  I had a bit of backlash after starting to post about teaching stuff, and so I think I got frightened and ran away from the keyboard.  Not bad backlash, … Continue reading

Professional care – of yourself

I was a cow last week.  I was.  I was mean and nasty and horrible to my TAGS group.  I was reflecting on this on Friday night with a friend as we drove, and was thinking about what was different this week.  And I figured it out.  I haven’t been looking after myself. It was interestingly timed, … Continue reading

Professional literacy

I like to think I’m a good speller.  I like to think I’m good at phonetics, and that generally speaking I’ll be able to pick up a word and run with it – occasionally I’ll admit I’m too lazy to find the symbol for the oe mashed together, but I know when I should use … Continue reading

Culture shock – coming “home”?

I’ve just gotten back to Australia and am almost done with living out of a suitcase.  Later this week I will have a house of my own and all my things out and in easy reach, and I’m really looking forward to it.   I was fortunate enough to land a job out in the country … Continue reading

Greecian Pleasures

The last leg of my trip was full of amazement.  I had had trepidations about Greece – I’d been warned that it was dangerous, especially the part of Athens that I was staying in.  And to be fair, my first introduction was a bit of a shock! When I arrived, there were no customs to … Continue reading

Roman Wonders

I’m sorry to say that I hated Rome.  I really really did.  It’s big, it’s dirty, and it has no soul.  The people I came across were nothing but scam merchants, looking to make a quick buck.  However, it has to be done, and some things need to be seen, and I did have an … Continue reading

Split – Underrated!

My tour with Busabout finished in the beautiful city of Split.  I was cautious about Split – a friend of mine goes to Croatia regularly and said Split was awful.  Another who is part Croatian and has property and family on one the islands also hates Split.  They both said it was touristy and hellish, expensive … Continue reading